July 23 - 24, 2016

Chez Studios is excited to present
A Two Day Youth Workshop
with Melissa Skoff

July 23 - 24, 2016

Melissa Skoff teaches the best, and we mean the best, actors auditioning class in the world.  We know it is a bold statement, come see why.  If you are serious about working in the business, this is the best opportunity you will ever have to better your auditioning skills.

Melissa has very popular classes in Los Angeles. You have to audition to get a spot.

If you need to see her credits at, Click Here.

A very special class.

Melissa teaches a very special class that is tailored to each student. She has cast features and television pilots, series and mini-series, drama, comedy, sketch comedy, and improvisation.  Class members partake in work from all the above genres. She creates an extraordinarily creative, imaginative and positive place to experiment with one’s skills and ideas, and she goes to great lengths every week to cast each student in a scene that is specifically tailored to suit their individual talents.  Melissa coaches actors on how to apply the skills they have already mastered and utilize them successfully in auditions.

Melissa teaches actors how to get the job.  

Freeing them from excess emotional baggage and emphasizing improvisation, she keeps each actor focused and concentrated on their scene work.  She also directs actors, instructing them how to come up with inventive, interesting choices that other actors probably wouldn’t think of.  Melissa’s teachings are rooted in her own years of acting training, along with her professional expertise as a top Casting Director and Acting Coach.  In the past, Melissa has held Executive positions at Warner Bros. Television and Fox Broadcasting, where she was the Senior Executive in Charge of  Talent and Casting for FBC's acclaimed Fox Night at the Movies.  Actors need to enjoy the casting process.  Being able to create an open and vulnerable persona is vital to the impression one leaves behind.  And much of that comes from feeling comfortable with oneself and with the work you are there to perform. Her direction is precise and to the point. She coaches her  actors on how to get right to the point of each scene and the heart of every character.

The Technique.

Her technique is extremely straightforward, honest, and uplifting.  Melissa holds a Bachelors Degree in Theatre, Film, and Television and studied acting for many years.  Having conducted thousands of auditions throughout her career, she not only understands what producers, directors, and studio and network executives are seeking, but she is able to relay that knowledge so that each actor can identify with the specific challenges of every scene, every time.  She specializes in allowing her students to work in what is a simulated audition setting each week. Melissa works actors in and out of their comfort zones, allowing them to stretch and grow.  Many of her students, both past and present, are working.

Join Us for this very special opportunity in Atlanta.


Mid Downtown - Atlanta, GA.
Location details will be given to students when their registration and payment are confirmed, about 1 week prior to the start date.


2 Day Workshop Dates are July 23 - 24, 2016:   Cost $ 255.00

Group A - Open to all Ages, 15 and up.

Saturday and Sunday MORNING - 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Group B -  Open to all ages, 15 and up.

Saturday and Sunday AFTERNOON - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Each class size will be limited. Spaces will be reserved on a first come, first paid basis.

*Please Note: Cancellation Policy. You may cancel your workshop for a refund 14 days prior to the start date. Any cancellation after that time is subject to fees and our ability to find a replacement. If we are unable to find a replacement then you will not receive a refund. Many credit cards have insurance in the event of emergencies and we encourage you to use these when booking.


Melissa Skoff has been a Casting Executive at Warner Bros. Television and at Fox Broadcasting, where she was the Sr. Executive in Charge of Talent and Casting for FBC's TV Movie Night. In addition to casting she was recently Talent Producer on a wonderful sketch comedy pilot presentation and also Associate Produced the feature "Elf Man". 

She's always busy casting various Features and Television projects in addition to Coaching actors.  Melissa has been coaching actors for more than 25 years and has 150+ Feature Film & TV casting credits to her name.

Melissa has filled her life with building talent. She has had a helping hand in the early careers of some of today’s biggest stars including George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Robert Downey Jr., Bryan Cranston, Lauren Graham, David Spade,  Catherine Bell, Julia Louis-Dreyfus & many others.