Chez Studios is excited to present
A 5 Week Voice Workshop
with Jeffrey Umberger

Sept 14 - Oct. 12, 2016

Why the Voice...

Story is the most important element to any scene or movie or even just one line. There is a story in everything we say.  Even just thinking about the simple phrase that James Earl Jones expresses repeatedly on TV..."This is CNN".  There is an inherent story even in those 3 words.  He is saying there is news, integrity, dedication, journalism, professionalism and trust.  This is about what is said, and more importantly HOW it's said. And how it sounds.

It's not enough that an on-camera actor believes what he or she is saying, they have the responsibility of expressing it a certain way which can convey the intent of the director, writer, and truth to the 'story' of what's being uttered.  In an audition situation....it is SO fast that a casting director or producer gets to a 'click point'.  How can actors keep their story alive without 'over doing it' with their voice, or even worse, under-selling it with their voice.

If you ever wanted to learn or perfect your voice over skills, Jeffrey is the premiere voice agent in Atlanta, he can certainly guide you in our marketplace.

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Q & A with Jeffrey Umberger


 What to expect in this Class.

- You will work with copy from current auditions from the real world, and fine-tune what your delivery should be in order to be the most bookable.

- Discuss the nuances of Voice Over's 5 main delivery styles, and how each actor can work those delivery styles into the story of the material. 

- We will record your performances and listen back to discover what your are doing correctly, and what you can work on to improve if needed.

- Learn how to analyze copy to find the story.

- Learn at what point an you should seek out an agent for representation and how many agents should a VO actor have?

- When a demo is appropriate to produce. What elements make up a good and competitive demo. 

- How to use social media for self-marketing. What is appropriate and what is not.

Learn what the current rate minimums are for each type of VO usage, and how to avoid undercutting the market if self-booking without an agent.  

What equipment is needed at home for auditioning, and if it would be advantageous to one-day have a professional home studio. Discussing the trend of the digital age whereby recording jobs from home is becoming more common-place.

An actor uses vocal skills to project their voice from loud to soft, change tone between high and low, and adjust speech patterns from fast to slow to develop the personality of a character. We will work individually with scripts, sides and copy to help each attending actor with their particular strengths and potential growth areas for improvement.

 Actors will work as a group and individually, one at a time, to work with the techniques we discuss and allow them to quickly discover where they may need help, where their veins of gold are, and where they really need to avoid problems. Sometimes its more effective to show the DON'T do's more than the HERE, DO THIS, and All that attend will learn these techniques.  

This workshop is for anyone interested in finding out how they might enhance the good and rich and appropriate characteristics of their natural voice and talent, and potentially help to raise the bar for them in making their auditions even more effective. More competitive. More pronounced, without sounding over-worked. Finding the right and appropriate nuance for each individual actor, along with helping to find generalities that just about anyone can apply to their voice and performance, and help to up the stakes, increase booking potential.




The Goat Farm Arts Center - Atlanta, GA.
Exact location details will be given to students when their registration and payment are confirmed, about 1 week prior to the start date.


5 weeks, every Wednesday night 7:00 to 9:30.  SEPT 14 to Oct 12, 2016:  

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Each class size will be limited. Spaces will be reserved on a first come, first paid basis.

*Please Note: Cancellation Policy. You may cancel your workshop for a refund 14 days prior to the start date. Any cancellation after that time is subject to fees and our ability to find a replacement. If we are unable to find a replacement then you will not receive a refund. Many credit cards have insurance in the event of emergencies and we encourage you to use these when booking.


Jeffrey Umberger was a Casting Producer for 2 seasons on DIY Network's Mega Dens. He scouted for the TV series Collector Inspector on HGTV, and Breathing Room on Fine Living Network. Later, he began working in commercial casting with Casting Director Kris Redding, eventually transitioning into a career as a talent agent. Jeffrey now owns Umberger Agency, with one of the most respected voice over talent rosters in the country. His talent list includes actress Jasmine Guy, TV icon Tony Dow of Leave It To Beaver, CNN Anchor Martin Savidge, and Michael Winslow of Police Academy fame with his voice of 10,000 sound effects. Jeffrey's background in entertainment stretches back 35 years. An accomplished musician, he enjoyed a long career as a society pianist in Beverly Hills and Atlanta, most notably performing Jazz and Classical at the legendary flagship hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead. As a composer, he scored music for the Billy Dee Williams film Good Neighbor, The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, and a short film by South Park animator Dustin Woehrmann, among other credits. In 2003 Jeffrey opened his award winning photography company, Jeddy Photo. His architectural photography was purchased as set-design for the TV sitcom House of Payne. In addition to his actor credits listed on IMDb,  Jeffrey has made television appearances on Arsenio Hall's World's Funniest Moments, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Jeffrey contributes a monthly expert advice column for Backstage Magazine, and is a frequent judge for the Miss Georgia and Miss Tennessee Pageants.

In 2014, Jeffrey was presented with the 'Outstanding Achievement Award' by the Georgia Entertainment Gala.